Used & New Floor Tiles

Used & New Raised Computer Floor Tiles

Access Computer Floors has been the premium provider of used and new raised computer floor tiles nationwide for 40 years.

We can source, repair, and install premium access floor systems for any applications, including computer rooms, data centers, cleanrooms, and other industries that require access floor solutions, at the most competitive prices.

With our ample selection of used and new raised computer floor tiles, you won’t have to look elsewhere. Learn more about our pro access floor options below!

Types of Floor Panels

Access floor systems comprise three essential elements: adjustable vertical pedestals, a grid system where the panels lay, and the panels. The latter element comes in various materials, each with its own traits to fit different raised floor applications.

If you’re looking for the best-raised floor tile for your project, below we compare all of the options available:

Types of Floor Panels Services


In areas where frequent maintenance is necessary, perforated steel panels are an excellent choice. Constructed from galvanized sheets into a reinforced grid-like structure, steel panels are lightweight, granting not only easy access and replacement but also increased airflow. They’re also fire-resistant.

Wood Core

Wood-raised computer floor tiles typically comprise high-density particleboard or plywood cores encased in galvanized steel. If you’re looking for a soundproof and stylish option, wood panels are a winner. They come in laminate, vinyl, bare steel, or painted and stained finishes for enhanced appeal.

Gypsum Core

Also known as calcium sulfate, gypsum core panels are one of the sturdiest computer floor tile options out there. Their core is made from compressed gypsum, covered by laminate or vinyl on the top, and galvanized steel or aluminum on the bottom. They’re an excellent heavy-duty choice for humid environments.


One of the best options for high-tech environments or areas requiring an easy-to-clean and germ-resistant option is aluminum raised floor tiles. The panels are extruded or cast into varying thicknesses and are preferred in medical, pharmaceutical, laboratories, and other similar applications.


Concrete panels are made of a mixture of cement, aggregates, water, and admixtures, which are then encased into a steel surface and formed well. It is then finished with high-pressure laminate, vinyl, or bare steel to add other textures like carpet. Concrete panels are a solid industry standard raised floor choice.

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Used & New Raised Floor Tiles

Whether you’re looking for new and contemporary designs or you’re looking to match pre-existing raised floors, our warehouse is filled with tons of options that can suit any needs!

Replacement & Repair

Our experts provide foolproof raised floor replacement and repair services with sturdy replacement panels that perfectly match your current floor design and increase your floor’s lifespan.


Our team of experienced professionals provides expert installation services for both used and new raised floor systems. We have the knowledge and skills to handle installations of all sizes.

Get Quality Raised Computer Floor Tiles!

At Access Computer Floors, you can find exactly what you’re looking for. With superior used and new raised computer floor tiles and outstanding services built on four decades of experience, we are your go-to access flooring company. We’ve worked with multiple reputable clients in various industries and look forward to serving you.