Access Computer Floors​ provides you with a full range of accessories for maintenance and full functionality of your raised floor and raised floor system.

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Brush Guards

Brush guards play an important part of cooling critical servers in a computer room. One of the most immediate energy saving benefits of using brush guards is minimizing cool air loss, preventing expensive equipment from overheating. Brush Guards also prevent underfloor contamination keeping debris out.

Lifting Tools

A set of extremely convenient tools that allows removing carpet finishes and panels in an easy and efficient way. All lifting tools are designed with heavy duty materials for maximum durability and reliability.



Single Cup Lifters

A very convenient tool that allows you to lift floor tiles but have some weight limitations. The lifting should be completed with the hands once the panel is high enough.


Double Cup Lifter Bracket

Just like the Single Cup Lifter but the vacuum generated by the suction cup is strong enough to complete any job in no time.


Carpet Lifting Tool

Easily lift carpet finishes from access panels with a single tool. When pressed, the pads move away from each other allowing the pins to penetrate into the carpet.

Wire Cages and Wire Partition Systems

Our partition and locker systems create secure, functional space that is designed to maximize protection. Strong and versatile, its all steel construction resists wear and requires no maintenance.

Wire partitions are ideal for both large and small warehouses to safeguard inventory and equipment. Our wire mesh design ensures 24-hour security while allowing air to circulate and light to penetrate fully.

From the standard options to totally custom solutions we have everything you need. Our partition systems are equally valuable in construction where time means money and a great product saves you both.

Grommets and Cutout Trims

These ideal accessories protect your cables from the abrasion caused by rough edges. They’re used to protect your data wires preventing tearing and abrasion of the insulation on the wire, cable or line being routed through the penetration. They also cover sharp edges of the piercing, or all of the above.
Square and rectangular grommets can be used as regular grommets for wire protection or as electrical boxes allowing a mix of data cables and power cables in a single space.


Replacement Trim Edges

Available in different thicknesses, shapes and colors, trim edges are plastic extrusion that protect the panel from chipping. To get an accurate match and quote for the replacement an example of the existing trim might be required.


This underlying structure provides support to each panel and can be raised to different levels. Some pedestals are more suitable for light use environments and allow easy access as well. Heavy duty pedestals and extra support pedestals are more suitable for areas in which the raised floor is going to be withstanding even more weight than a normal office environment would.

Series 10 Pedestals
Series 20 Pedestals
Series 30 with Bolted Stringer Systems
Series 40 with Bolted Stringer Systems
Extra Support Pedestals

Pedestal Pads and Stringer Covers

Pedestal pads are used to reduce vibration and friction caused by a panel’s movement while also allowing the panels to be positioned in a more consistent and leveled way. Send us a sample piece for an accurate match and quote.

We are available to take any of your inquiries.