Raised floor systems, also called access floors, are an elevated flooring solution that creates a void or empty space in for the passage of mechanical and electrical objects. Sometimes, the space created can even allow a person to move below the floor for a variety of reasons.

A raised flooring system consists of several panels that are installed on vertical pedestal. The pedestals are fixed on the understructure and separate it from the panels. This created gap can range anywhere from 3 inches to even 6 feet, allowing people to stand.

These structures are becoming increasingly common as they can also lower energy costs for cooling buildings when by using ​underfloor air distribution.​ Raised Floors are used anywhere where there is a requirement to route mechanical services and cables, wiring, and electrical supply or simply when you want to maintain a clean and neat environment.

High-tech environments
Offshore Drilling Platforms
General Offices
Computer Rooms
Microelectronic Facilities
Clean Rooms
Pharmaceutical Facilities
Internet Service Providers
Ecommunication Centers
Exhibit spaces
Open Office Areas
Smart Offices
Conference Areas


A wide variety of panels for a wide variety of uses. Each panel offers different benefits that can adapt to various industries and needs.


Woodcore panels

Perfect for office and banking environments with great acoustic performance and capable of holding a lot of weight.


Steel Panels

Ideal for heavy duty environments with high load and impact resistance.


Concrete Panels

Impact resistant and extremely durable. These panels can withstand heat, water and anything you throw at them.


Aluminum Panels

Mainly used in high demanding workplaces and specialty environments. Aluminum panels are lightweight, extremely resistant and easy to clean. Ideal for biomedical settings and laboratories.


High Air Volume Panels

Primarily used in computer rooms but can also be used in normal office environments. These panels allow cool air to flow freely to facilitate cooling.


Pedestals are the underlying structure that give support to each panel. Depending on the required height and weight there are multiple options to choose from.

Series 10 Pedestals
Series 20 Pedestals
Series 30 with Bolted Stringer Systems
Series 40 with Bolted Stringer Systems
Extra Support Pedestals

Pedestal Pads and Stringer Covers

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