Raised Floor Cleaning & Repair

Raised Floor Cleaning & Repair

Raised floors are the ultimate solution that makes work easier and possible throughout various industries across the nation.

Although each company, situation, and condition are unique, there is something all raised floors have in common: they require proper maintenance and repairs. Thankfully, regardless of the industry, you can find superior raised access floor cleaning and repair here at Access Computer Floors.

Available nationwide, our outstanding service, extensive experience, and detailed solutions at competitive prices will grant you durable floors efficiently. Contact us today!

Making The Difference: Raised Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Flooring takes the most toll on the daily wear and tear of all your facilities’ components. Raised floors aren’t the exception. In fact, daily wear can have more impact on them.

The average lifespan of a raised floor panel is about 25 years, and its supporting pedestals can last up to 50 years long. However, these numbers will vary greatly depending on the conditions and use. Because of this, tending to them correctly is imperative.

Not only do regular maintenance like raised floor cleaning and repairs prolong your floor’s lifespan, but also ensure cost-efficiency and safety:

  • Reduce costs of insurance by satisfying insurance audits.
  • Protect the circuitry.
  • Reduce fire hazard.
  • Eliminate harmful airborne contaminants.

At Access Computer Floors, they are performed by our highly trained crew to get the job done without costs and delays!

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What Are Our Solutions About?

With decades of working in diverse commercial and industrial environments, we know having to maintain your raised floors amidst your daily work seems like a hassle. It won’t be anymore. Access Computer Floors offers complete raised floor cleaning and raised floor repairs tailored to your industry.

We’ve helped multiple companies in the past, such as AT&T, NBC, Verizon, and more, in various settings such as offices, server rooms, and so on. Our quality materials and comprehensive solutions are guaranteed to solve your needs, too, through the following:


Regular maintenance will keep your raised floor looking like new, creating a pleasant, secure, and professional environment that your staff and clients will appreciate. Our annual or semi-annual raised floor cleaning and maintenance contracts include:

  • Understructure adjustments
  • Entry points cleaning
  • Re-leveling raised floors
  • Professional surface cleaning
  • Delaminated Panels Replacement
  • Repair Loose Railing


Whether surface or underfloors, our complete repair services include full access to materials and accessories for your floor that might be needed during routine maintenance or repairs. Our repair solutions include:

  • Panel rotation
  • Replace broken edge trims
  • Panel Refinishing
  • Additional Support Pedestals
  • Support Pedestals Replacement
  • Replacement of Warped Panels

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With excellence that dates back four decades and a long-standing success history with our clients, Access Computer Floors is confident in providing the best raised floor cleaning and repair at competitive prices.

We’ll seamlessly and promptly address all your needs and requirements, following every regulation, premium procedure, and safety protocol. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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