Raised Floor Maintenance & Repair

Raised Floor Maintenance & Repair

To maximize your investment in your raised access floor, regular maintenance is a must. We can help you extend the wear-life of your raised flooring. With our more than 30 years of experience,​ Access Computer Floors​ handles all aspects of repair and maintenance work of raised flooring systems.

The average lifespan of a raised floor panel is about 25 years and it’s supporting pedestals can be up to 50 years long. However, depending on the conditions and its use this can greatly vary. To ensure that you get the most out of your new or used raised floors you have to provide it with proper maintenance and repairs when needed.

We are aware that your top priority is to get the job done right the first time to minimize costs and delays. For that reason we work with specially trained individuals that are able to deliver the highest quality of work in an efficient manner.


Understructure adjustments
Entry points cleaning
Re-leveling raised floors
Professional surface cleaning
Delaminated Panels Replacement
Repair Loose Railing


Panel rotation
Replace broken edge trims
Panel Refinishing
Additional Support Pedestals
Support Pedestals Replacement
Replacement of Warped Panels

Regular maintenance will keep your raised floor looking like new, creating a pleasant, secure and professional environment that your staff and clients will appreciate. Also helping you reduce costs of insurance by satisfying insurance audits.

Proper cleaning and maintenance will protect the circuitry, reduce risks of fire and eliminate possible airborne contaminants that are potentially harmful. Our complete service includes a full access to materials and accessories for your floor, that might be needed during routine maintenance or repairs.

You can choose from a range of maintenance possibilities including annual or semi-annual cleaning and maintenance contracts. For both surface and underfloors.

To get your raised flooring systems properly maintained and repaired by professionals get in touch with us today.

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