Raised Floor Panels

To achieve a robust raised floor system, every element must be of the highest quality, especially the element that will be visible and exposed to all the wear and tear, which would be your raised floor panels.

When looking for floor panel options, it’s important for these to integrate seamlessly with your facility while meeting the demands of your daily operation.

Thankfully, these come in a wide range of materials and finishes to fit different needs and tastes, and you can find them all here at Access Computer Floors. Explore our options below!

Raised floor panels services

Raised Floor Panel Materials


Perforated steel panels are a great option for areas needing frequent maintenance. Their grid-like structure makes them great airflow panels, and they’re also fire-resistant.

Wood Core

Wood core raised floor panels typically have dense particleboard or plywood centers covered in galvanized steel. They’re a quiet and attractive option, available in many finishes.

Gypsum Core

Gypsum core panels are durable raised computer floor tiles with a bottom layer of galvanized steel or aluminum. They are sturdy and great for humid environments.


Aluminum raised floor panels are the best choice for an easy-maintenance option that resists germs and limits contamination. They are also available in various thicknesses.


A concrete floor is composed of a cement and aggregate mixture poured into an aluminum shell that encases the material, making it a standard choice for all applications.

Raised Floor Panel Finishes


High-Pressure Laminate

High-pressure laminate offers appeal in a variety of colors and patterns, along with scratch resistance, making it ideal for high-traffic areas that also have to be stylish.



Vinyl provides a sleek, modern look with easy maintenance. It comes in various colors, patterns, and textures. This finish is suitable for commercial facilities and more.


The carpet finish is soft and comfortable underfoot, adding a warm touch to any space. It is perfect for office spaces, conference rooms, hotels, casinos, and more.


Conductive and anti-static finishes are designed to prevent static electricity buildup, ensuring a safe environment in data centers, manufacturing centers, and similar facilities.

Wood Veneer

Wood veneer provides a luxurious and elegant finish, offering a natural wood look. It comes in various wood styles and is suitable for executive offices or higher-end facilities.

Stone , Ceramic & Marble

When you think of elegance and durability, stone, ceramic, and marble raised computer floor panels are an excellent choice, used for lobbies and other highly transited areas.

Raised Floor Replacement Panels

We understand when you’re missing a floor panel, the only finish you want is the one that can fit your current one, which is why we offer used replacement raised floor panels.
Leading Access Floor Systems Solutions

Leading Access Floor Systems Solutions

At Access Computer Floors, you can source top-grade raised floor products, such as our extensive access floor panel options. These always cater to the following:

  • Your Industry: We elevate various industries with an ample, high-grade selection of raised floor panels that cater to every industry’s needs.
  • Your Budget: We also adjust to your budget requirements, offering cost-effective solutions that won’t compromise quality.
  • Your Needs: We provide not only top-quality raised computer floor panels, but also superior services backed by 40 years of experience.

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The perfect raised flooring system awaits with Access Computer Floors. Our expertise can grant you premium raised floor panels and solutions at competitive prices in New Jersey and every state.