Raised Floor Pedestals

In our mission to provide the best raised flooring systems in the North Shore, Access Computer Floors sources and offers the best products to build a robust raised floor system, including one of its most crucial components: raised floor pedestals.

Being the main supporting structure of your raised floors, you want to count on the best raised floor pedestals and one that suits your needs. Our company will ensure that, like we have done for other clients in the past, like the US Postal Service or AT&T Mobile, to name a few.

The premium-grade access floors we’ve installed have lasted just as much as we have been in business. With 40+ years of experience, our expert eye has handpicked the best products and offers them at competitive prices.

Learn more about our available products below!


Series 10 Pedestals: Light on Weight, Heavy on Performance

Our Series 10 Pedestals are engineered for light uses, providing a stable foundation without compromise. Adjustable within a specific height range, these pedestals deliver reliability for projects where a lighter touch is required.


Series 20 Pedestals: Support with Easy Access

Balancing support and accessibility, our Series 20 Pedestals are ideal for frequently accessed floors. Adjust to your desired height range and experience a perfect blend of functionality and convenience.


Series 30 with Bolted Stringer Systems Extra Support, Uninterrupted Power

Step into the future with Series 30 Pedestals featuring Bolted Stringer Systems for extra support and electrical continuity. Perfect for projects where reliability is paramount, these pedestals redefine stability.


Series 40 with Bolted Stringer System Extra Support Pedestals: Heavy Duty, Maximum Reliability

When your project demands heavy-duty support, look no further than our Series 40 Pedestals. With a robust Bolted Stringer System, these pedestals offer maximum support and electrical continuity, ensuring your floors stand the test of time.


Products That Adapt To You

Whether you are getting an entire raised floor system or shopping for your product, at Access Computer Floors, we work closely to create a tailored solution in all instances. Our raised floor pedestals and services will always fit to:

  • Your Industry: Elevate various industries with the adaptable applications of raised floors, suitable for data centers, offices, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and more.
  • Your Budget: Adapt to your financial parameters with cost-effective solutions, ensuring quality and functionality without compromising your budget.
  • Your Needs: Experience customized solutions for unique project requirements with the ideal pedestal fit, whether it’s Series 10 for a lighter touch or Series 40 for heavy-duty support.

Excellence Everywheret You Are

We want to help our clients no matter what or where they are. Our premium solutions and products, like our raised floor pedestals, are available nationwide yet focused on the North Shore. Below are our main locations, but you can always reach out to us with the confidence our quality services will reach you!

  • Maine
  • New Hampshire
  • Vermont
  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • District of Columbia

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Experience customized solutions for unique project requirements, industry, and budget, with the ideal pedestal fit, whether it’s Series 10 for a lighter touch or Series 40 for heavy-duty support. You can also browse our raised flooring solutions or acquire premium raised floor pedestals here.