Our Raised Floor Systems can provide custom professional solutions for a wide range of industries. Whether you just need a small void for the passage of electrical cables or you need a space big enough for someone to crawl inside, Access Computer Systems offers only High-Quality solutions.

Depending on your needs and personal taste you can choose from our full range of options.


Woodcore panels

Woodcore panels consist of a high density particle board encased with galvanized steel that provide an excellent acoustic performance and a Class A flame spread rating. Great for moderate use and with high wear resistance and humidity resistance, woodcore panels are very versatile.

Smart Offices
Computer rooms
Telecommunication Centers.

Steel Panels

Steel panels offer extreme durability and a sturdy construction capable of withstanding high loads and heavy impacts. Class A fire rating, humidity resistant and high wear resistance, steel panels are a perfect choice for heavy duty raised flooring. Our welded steel panels are available with or without cement fill.

Data Centers
General Office
Internet Service Providers
Offshore Drilling Platforms

Concrete Panels

This floor is the most durable, combining the strength of steel with the compression of concrete. It is available in standard or heavy duty, providing excellent loading capacity, high heat resistance and waterproof capabilities. Plus, its accurate dimensions make it a very easily exchangeable panel.

Electrical Rooms
Light Industrial
Computer Rooms
Sound insulation

Aluminum Panels

Mainly used in high demanding workplaces, aluminum panels are a specialty floor perfect for clean rooms, biomedical settings and laboratories. It’s structure can disperse the weight of heavy mechanical equipment and will not corrode or deform even if submerged in water. Also, being a non-combustible material it can safely resist fire.

Hi-tech environments
Microelectronic facilities
Pharmaceutical Facilities
Clean rooms

High Air Volume Panels

High air volume panels are a type of perforated panels that allow a greater volume of cool air to flow from beneath the subfloor. These panels are used to cool computer systems in a more efficient way, allowing cool air to flow from below and directly into the drawing vents of computers in data centers.

Besides IT Departments and Data Centers, underfloor air panels can also be used in office environments as a way of cooling rooms with reduced costs of operation compared to traditional air conditioning systems.

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