Data Center Flooring

A data center infrastructure’s foundation lies in the data center flooring. This critical component administers wiring, power distribution, cooling systems, and all the key elements of your IT equipment and preserves them.

When your entire assets’ safety lies on your data center flooring, you want to secure the absolute best system, and at Access Computer Floors, we can develop them. 40+ years of experience stand behind our work, which we’ve provided to multiple prestigious clients nationwide.

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Data Center Flooring Services

Why Data Center Flooring?

Data center raised access floors serve several purposes in your facilities. They’re essential for:

  • Efficient Airflow: Airflow can be managed through data center flooring by reducing the intake air temperature of the equipment and directing cold air to cool it. This prevents damage to the equipment.
  • Room For Wiring: Data center flooring is an excellent wiring and cable distribution alternative. They require less labor vs other alternatives, such as overhead cabling, and can be easily accessed.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Troubleshooting and maintenance are indispensable and recurrent tasks that data center flooring facilitates. The components will be easily available to be serviced with minimum downtime and effort.

Building With The Highest Standards in the Industry

Data center flooring performs many functions when designed and built correctly. It isn’t labeled as a system for no reason, and several data center flooring specifications must be met to meet your demands.

Access Computer Floors has custom-built superior-grade raised flooring systems for many clients, and we can assist you, too, in maintaining the highest standards in the industry from reputable institutions. Some of the critical aspects we ensure are:

  • Raised Floor Height
  • Load Bearing Capacity
  • Structural support
  • Cable management
  • Grounding and bonding
  • Airflow management and cooling
  • Data center raised access floor tiles
Despite guidelines for data center flooring design and installation, every facility is different. Our experts with more than four decades of experience will ensure these best standards and practices are applied and tailored to your necessities.
Access Computer Floors Data Center Flooring

Our Solutions

We tend to clients nationwide through reliable data center flooring services and grade-A materials. Below is everything we can assist you with:

Data Center Flooring Installation & Maintenance<br />

Data Center Flooring Installation & Maintenance

Data center flooring helps reduce damage to your equipment, increase energy efficiency, and save costs —But not on their own. In order to have reliable raised floors, you require quality solutions from professionals, which is precisely what we offer at Access Computer Floors. Take a look:

Installation & Refinishing

Whether it is a new layout or changing the existing one, achieve the highest level of excellence for your data center flooring through our installation and refinishing services. We’ll not only maintain quality but also competitive prices.


Cleaning & Repair

Although resistant, data center flooring isn’t ultimately everlasting. At least without proper maintenance. Debris, constant wear and tear, or accidents can all strain your data center flooring, but it won’t break it as long as you count on our cleaning and repair solutions.

Data Center Flooring Products

Your data flooring system has to meet the industry’s standards, so choosing the right products and components is vital. There are many types, makes, and models to choose from, but you must ensure these adapt to your needs. We guide you through the process so you can get precisely what you’re looking for:


We have an exclusive selection of raised access floor panels, from lightweight aluminum panels that make adjusting your layout easy, steel panels for more load-bearing capacity, gypsum panels for noise reduction and fire resistance, and much more.

Pedestals & Stands

We offer multiple data center flooring pedestals with enough load-bearing capacity for light to heavy-duty and all the different configurations you could require: adjustable pedestals for compensating unevenness, bolted pedestals for maximum stability, access flooring for easy maintenance, and much more.

Other Accessories

Panels and pedestals are the core components of raised floor systems. Still, many complementary elements are also necessary as they can enhance your data center flooring’s functionality. For instance, diffusers that promote airflow or grommets and wire cages. Let us help you find the ideal options for you!
Data Center Flooring Products

Excellence Everywhere You Are

We want to help our clients no matter what or where they are. Our premium data center flooring solutions and products are available nationwide. Below are our main locations, but you can always reach out to us with the confidence our quality services will reach you!

Proven Quality

Our services are built upon decades of experience, and your data center flooring systems will be. With long-lasting products, we’ve successfully assisted clients across various industries, including data center facilities. Some of the wonderful customers that have chosen us have been:

National Weather Service
US Government Agencies
Quest Diagnostics

General Electric
US Postal Service
Delta Dental

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