Cleanroom Flooring

Whether for healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, or even electronics, cleanrooms are indispensable to provide a controlled environment for your daily operations, and choosing the right materials will grant you the control and longevity you need. One of the best choices for that would be raised flooring.

Cleanrooms are used across a wide range of industries, and so are our raised flooring solutions. At Access Computer Floors, we’ve got the best products and services to condition your spaces to perfection at competitive prices.

Cleanroom Flooring Requirements<br />

Cleanroom Flooring Requirements

Achieving a controlled environment demands strict requirements. Selecting the right cleanroom materials is key to ensuring a proper cleanroom design, and when it comes to flooring, choosing can easily be done through the following parameters:

Chemical Resistance

There is a wide range of chemicals used in manufacturing processes and operations within a cleanroom. If you don’t pick a resistant, clean room flooring option, you will end up with damage from spills or leaks, which not only compromises your investment but also the entire safety of the operation.

Contamination Control

Needless to say, cleanliness is key regarding a cleanroom’s design. Your flooring option should minimize contamination risks. Stay away from porous materials as they can accumulate and retain particles, dust, and other contaminants. Additionally, your clean room flooring should be smooth and make cleaning easier.

Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Resistance

A popular trait for environments where sensitive electronic components are manufactured or handled is that it has electrostatic discharge (ESD) resistance. ESD can damage electronic devices by causing rapid, uncontrolled static discharges. Clean room flooring has to be able to dissipate these charges safely.


Clean room flooring is subject to heavy wear and tear due to frequent foot traffic, equipment movement, and constant cleaning and maintenance that might occur in daily operations. If you want to reduce the likelihood of your floors getting damaged, you need to select highly durable and robust flooring materials.

Raised Clean Room Solutions

You can find all sorts of clean room flooring options in the market that meet the above-mentioned parameters, but to secure the ultimate quality, we recommend raised flooring.

There is a wide range of raised floor materials and finishes, including vinyl and epoxy, which can not only suit your cleanroom application and meet all the requirements but also provide additional benefits, such as increased airflow and subfloor cable organization.

Strength, resistance, and cost-effectiveness are three things you won’t lack by choosing raised flooring and our raised flooring solutions, which include the following:

Raised Flooring Products Services

Raised Flooring Products

From static-dissipative vinyl tiles to chemical-resistant epoxy coating finishes and complete raised floor system accessories, our raised flooring products meet the highest industry standards.

Raised Flooring Services<br />

Raised Flooring Services

Not only do our floors maintain cleanliness and efficiency throughout their lifespan, but also our raised floor services. We safely install your cleanroom flooring using the best industry practices.

Building Excellence One Access Floor System at a Time

Our services are built upon decades of experience, and your clean room flooring systems will be, too. With long-lasting products, we’ve successfully assisted clients across various industries, including other commercial facilities. Some of the many wonderful customers we’ve worked with are the following:

National Weather Service
US Government Agencies
Quest Diagnostics
General Electric
US Postal Service
Delta Dental
Building Excellence One Access Floor System at a Time<br />

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