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Raised Flooring
Cleaning & Maintenance

Since you’ve just invested the time and monetary resources into installing a raised floor system, quarterly maintenance of your raised flooring panels is a good business decision. By cleaning and maintaining your raised floors, you realize these benefits:

• Maximized life space of the raised floor panels
• Cheaper energy costs due to your cooling system running efficiently and effectively

If time and other internal resource challenges prevent you from regular maintenance, you can choose Access Computer Floors’ “Quarterly Maintenance Plan” as a cost effective alternative to protecting your raised floor investment.

Here are some cleaning tips that you should implement at the beginning of your raised floor installation, and then repeat quarterly or as problems arise.

• Make sure to seal your sub-floor to prevent oxidation and formation of abrasive contaminants
• Remove stains, dust, dirt and other potential contaminants from the surface of raised floor panels using only approved cleaning solutions. Call or email us to discuss approved cleaning products.
• Rotate raised floor panels as you would your car tires in order to prevent uneven wear
• Vacuum below the surface (specialty designed vacuums like the “ “ trap particles to .3 microns
• Replace missing or broker trim edges

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